Reina Sanchez Rezpiral Arroqueño Series 6

Reina Sanchez Rezpiral Arroqueño Series 6


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Reina Sanchez is one the most renowned and well-known distillers in Oaxaca. Grown for 11 to 13 years, this Rezpiral smokes the competition. One of the Series 6 Rezpirals by Reina Sanchez, this Arroqueño is double distilled in copper giving it a smoky, earthy flavor with some citrus notes.

Master Distiller: Reina Sanchez

Region: Lachigüizo

State: Oaxaca

ABV: 48.2%

Agave: Arroqueño

Oven: 15 days in conical earthen oven, oak fired

Age of Plant: 11 years

Distillation: Double distilled in copper alambique

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